Sunday, October 5, 2014

Days 3-5 Days of Wonder

At the start of the day , a young girl was wearing a tshirt. 
 I asked her if I could snap it -
 cause it is the meaning of what  I want to believe in. 
 It is the first photo at the top of this entry  
One of those things that keeps happening on this trip. 

Every step of this road trip has been the adventure of a lifetime.
  Firstly I am with my best friend,
who has sleeping habits like mine, likes the music I like, 
and has a wonder and a thirst for learning that is beyond mine
 and that is welcome.  

She is a joy to be with and today, 
October 5th is her  birthday  

Our last few days have been a  whirlwind of highways, of getting lost and found 
on route 66 and making it to Page, Arizona. 

The top down, we have become masters at  keeping things in the car as the
 wind whips around us...except for that roll of hand towels...oh well. 
 Some things you must just let go paper towels!

We drove through Navajo land to the Grand Canyon and sat by its' precipice. 
Snapped photos, chatted with Texans who were a wee bit backward, and prejudiced,
 ate at the famous El Tovar hotel of the 1800's.  

A woman actual swung her legs right over the precipice.  Maria and I held our breath watching her.  Waiting, thinking she might....jump.  Maria was afraid to even go this close let alone swing her legs over.  

We finally told the lady she was 'brave'.  She said her husband was taking pictures.  I said where is he.  She pointed way across the other side, and he had managed to snap a photo of her form the distance.  That explained a bit of it.

  Above is the 'little Colorado'.  What's little?  Nothing little about this.

On the way home, in the dark, 
Maria pulled off the 2 lane highway along the Grand Canyon.
 She shut the motor off.  
We got out of the car in total 
darkness to listen to 
, and watch the stars twinkle. 
Makes you feel small, small small, and yet invincible. 
All in a day's drive.

Our days are filled with wonder at this beautiful expansive state and 
its arid desert, its' tender pink sandstone, 
its' native American Indians, canyons, grasses, cactus and rivers.
Did I mention cows?

The convertible has been a blast.  
Today we bought some cheap cd's cause 
we didn't bring enough of the music we liked, 
and couldn't figure out the blue tooth.

 Blasting "Earth Wind and Fire's famous "September".  
Could not be more joyous.
The very elements we are experiencing these days were blasting into the wind as we drove our convertible.
No fire - but there is fire in our engines!

All things have been happening with a sense of perfection.  
Without much planning,  we manage to end up on the perfect Colorado River 
expedition, we get the most fun animated guide on the
 Antelope Canyon tour named Jazz, 
made it to Utah in time for sun down and in time to snap some 
amazing photos and 
witness the millions of times the sun has set
 on this majestic, monolithic rock formations, 
snag the very last room at The View hotel this evening -
 the only one on the Monument Valley State Park of Utah.

Serendipity at its' best.

 Millions of years old, these rocks rise out of the ground.  
They are awe inspiring,
 breathtaking, serene, majestic.

Witnessing this land today brought me to tears...
as it has so many times on this trip.

Being so close to natural wonders, to the expanse of the land and watching
 something as simple as the sunset upon these giants is just beyond words.

I think that even if I tried to describe this evening it would be impossible 
to put in words the joy of seeing part of this country side.  
As I sit on the terrace of this hotel room, everybody is sleeping.
 It is me, the stars, and the monolithic rock formations that rise
 in the moonlight like alien space ships tens of miles from me, 
sky high, 
scraping the stars,
still baking 
from the eons
 that the sun has been beating upon them.  

It is silent.  

The stars are twinkling, Orion, the Big Dipper, star formations 
I have never seen before,  
the silence is enveloping, 
my blanket is keeping me warm soothing
company, as I sit here in awe of the universal energy and
 of what the earth can create.

As I write this  I am alone, in the dark, with the stars and the silence.  
Close to the earth and the wonder of life.  
It sounds so dramatic.  
Maria and I talked about it this evening and I asked if 
she felt different here. 
 The said she felt a sense of all is good, and a cleansing.

I feel a sense of wonder and awe, a sense of power 
 coming from the land that I cannot describe. 
Like a powerful pull or calling.
The movie Close Encounters of a Third Kind keeps coming to mind.
I keep humming it when we're driving.

There have been many sightings of UFO's in these areas.
Native Americans have been quiet about them. 
They do not want to be seen as 'crazy'.
There must be a reason they appear in these vast empty areas.
Maria is convinced it's cause they're hiding our stuff, 
like our peanut butter, or our iPhones when we can't find them.

When one feels awe of this nature and joy, you want to share it.
I wish that everybody I knew could experience the
 wonder of this beauty. 
 Like sharing a gift.  
I would like everybody to have
 this amazing sensation.

I share my photos with you - and my words, 
If I cannot share my emotions. 
 I wish you were here - all of you.  
To feel this sense of joy.

Antelope Canyon - or as Maria says Cantelope.

I am in  awe this evening at what a gift this trip has been.  I am blessed.
My joy is so sheer, that 
I do not want to sleep because my senses are so alive and my feeling
 of wonder is so awakened.
I don't want to miss a moment of it.  
 I do not want to sleep.

 I cannot sleep.

This evening Maria and I laughed and laughed at the way the universe works...
and it has been working in it's perfect way on this voyage. 
 I said to her, 
I am filled with a sense of joy and a sense of wonder again this is 
what these sorts of adventures do for my soul.  

As you go through time you are less and less impressed by things, 
but nature has a way of restoring that awe.  

The adventure gives to me a sense of being in awe, all over again and again. 
I am five years old and it's Christmas.

What a gift of wonder. 
The earth just keeps giving us gifts.