Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day 1 Phoenix to Kingman along famed Route 66

Phoenix is hot.
Arizona is home to one of the sunniest place in the world on the west 'coast'.  
Made it to the Guiness world book of records for it....Yuma.   
We started off early....well early for me and Thelma by 8:30 we were out the door.

Even though you think you're organized...chances are, if you are Thelma or Louise - 
you are far from organized.

Neat we're ot - this gene skipped both of us.

Big Bertha (my luggage) and Maria's duffle bag  Sloppy Joe were stuffed into our 
Mustang  and off we were.

First stop?  Well actually our direction  was west 
bound from Phoenix to the famed Route 66.

One of the original highways that has now lost its' lustre, but is being

Kitsch route 66 signs abound, once you are on that route.

Top down, already smouldering by early morning, it was still our chance to let our 
skin catch some rays,and enjoy the wind and air.
 The wind actually feels cool when it's whipping
around , especially  because the air is dry

Every kind of cactus possible is sprouting out here.
Arid, dry, and in the world's guinness book of records for one of the cities
 with the most sun per year, is right here.  No SAD here.

Things start to feel real when you hit the California/Arizona coast line and find
 a little book where you can sign in as a real road tripper - a la Jack Kerouac.

We signed the welcome to Route 66 book like the silly tourists we are.
I wrote a happy birthday message for my nephew Nicholas,
who turned 18 on the 30th of September.

We took a short break at a cafe in Topock where there is swamp land.
We didn't expect swamp land, but we did grab some chile and some shade.

Off we went again some winding roads, then we were greeted by a surprise visitor 

Wild donkey.

Our highlight of the day, watching the wild donkeys roam the route.  
This one actually started to approach the car,
 and I was sure that he was used to being fed.

This is him coming up to my window.

I convinced Maria (afraid of being caught breaking the law)
to feed him some our rice cakes.

Our winding road through the mountains and into
Kingman was the second highlight of the day.

Day 1 Started in Phoenix and ended in Kingman.

Quip of the day by Maria:
Who expected to see so much road on a road trip.